Commit 589742bd authored by RoSk0's avatar RoSk0

Fixed access check and message when requesting value of not configured primary field.

parent f08e5d79
......@@ -208,20 +208,25 @@ function crm_core_contact_ui_save_contact_button_name($contact_type) {
* Primary field name.
* @return string
* Value of specified primary field or empty string.
function crm_core_contact_get_primary_field_value(CRMCoreContactEntity $contact, $primary_field) {
$contactType = crm_core_contact_type_load($contact->type);
$field = empty($contactType->primary_fields[$primary_field]) ? '' : $contactType->primary_fields[$primary_field];
$contact_type = crm_core_contact_type_load($contact->type);
$field = empty($contact_type->primary_fields[$primary_field]) ? '' : $contact_type->primary_fields[$primary_field];
$field_value = '';
if (empty($field)) {
if(user_access('configure petition email settings')){
// Alert privileged users that we can't send emails.
// Check that user has access to configure crm_core_contact.
$message = "There are no primary contact fields configured for contacts of type @contact_type. The petitions feature cannot send thank-you emails "
. "or targeted emails to contacts unless primary fields are configured for this contact type. Goto admin/settings/crm-core/contact-types, and click the ."
. "edit link to configure primary contact fields for this contact type in order to enable emails.";
drupal_set_message(t($message, array('@contact_type' => $contactType)), 'warning');
// @TODO: should this also go into watchdog?
// Check that user has access to configure crm_core_contact.
if (user_access('administer contact types')) {
// Alert privileged users that requested primary field didn't configured.
$path = 'admin/structure/crm-core/contact-types/manage/' . $contact_type->type;
$message = "Some module requested value of primary field %field of"
. " contact of %contact_type type, but this primary field is not"
. " configured for this contact type. You can configure it !here.";
drupal_set_message(t($message, array(
'%contact_type' => $contact_type->type,
'%field' => $primary_field,
'!here' => l(t('here'), $path),
)), 'warning');
else {
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