Commit 1893e1e3 authored by paulocs's avatar paulocs

Revert "Issue #2988269 by silverham, paulocs, bzoks: Add block_build_alter()...

Revert "Issue #2988269 by silverham, paulocs, bzoks: Add block_build_alter() call to Block Reaction"

This reverts commit 821c962b.
parent 8621fa89
......@@ -269,9 +269,6 @@ class Blocks extends ContextReactionPluginBase implements ContainerFactoryPlugin
// another #pre_render hook.
\Drupal::moduleHandler()->alter(['block_view', 'block_view_' . $block->getBaseId()], $block_build, $block);
// Allow altering of cacheability metadata or setting #create_placeholder.
\Drupal::moduleHandler()->alter(['block_build', "block_build_" . $block->getBaseId()], $blockBuild, $block);
$build[$region][$block_placement_key] = $block_build;
// After merging with blocks from Block layout, we want to sort all of
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