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added some notes for upgrading from d5 to d6

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Upgrade from 5.x
You can easily upgrade from drupal 5 installations. After upgrading your drupal installation
just install the latest module and run update.php - it will automatically run the upgrade routine
which is update 6001.
After that the content access permissions for your site needs to be rebuilt. Just go to your
site and follow the instructions.
Notes for workflow-ng users
The workflow-ng integration has been properly upgraded to its 6.x version, the rules module.
However it has been a bit refactored: The 'Set content permissions' action has been removed in
favor of the 'Grant content permissions by role' and 'Revoke content permissions by role' as
this gives us more flexibility.
So the automatic upgrade of your configured rules converts the 'Set content permissions' action
to an 'Grant content permissions by role' action. If this doesn't fit, you'll have to edit it
All other conditions and actions have their equivalent in rules and will be automatically converted.
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