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Delete old test file

parent 164f8dde
namespace Drupal\config_ignore\Tests;
use Drupal\simpletest\WebTestBase;
use Drupal\Core\Serialization\Yaml;
* Test hooks that this module implements.
* This must be a simpletest test as it does not seem that the PHPUnit
* implementation for Drupal supports batch processing yet.
* @package Drupal\config_ignore\Tests
* @group config_ignore
class ConfigIgnoreHookTest extends WebTestBase {
* Modules to enable.
* @var array
public static $modules = ['config_ignore_hook_test'];
* The profile to install as a basis for testing.
* We need to change it form the standard 'testing' profile as that will not
* print the title on the page, which we use for testing.
* @var string
protected $profile = 'minimal';
* Verify that hook_config_ignore_settings_alter are getting called.
public function testSettingsAlterHook() {
// Login with a user that has permission to import config.
$this->drupalLogin($this->drupalCreateUser(['import configuration']));
// Set the site name to a known value that we later will try and overwrite.
$this->config('')->set('name', 'Test import title')->save();
// Assemble a change that will try and override the current value.
$config = $this->config('')->set('name', 'Import has changed title');
$edit = [
'config_type' => 'system.simple',
'config_name' => $config->getName(),
'import' => Yaml::encode($config->get()),
// @TODO: Test the hook differently, single import is not ignored.
// // Submit a new single item config, with the changes.
// $this->drupalPostForm('admin/config/development/configuration/single/import', $edit, t('Import'));
// $this->drupalPostForm(NULL, [], t('Confirm'));
// // Validate if the title from the imported config was rejected, due to the
// // hook implemented in the `config_ignore_hook_test` module.
// $this->drupalGet('<front>');
// $this->assertText('Test import title');
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