Commit d0fe3dd5 authored by jzavrl's avatar jzavrl Committed by tlyngej

Issue #2845729 by jzavrl: Typo in code and some standardisation propositions

parent 0c333406
name: Config Ignore name: Config Ignore
type: module type: module
description: Ignore certain configuration durin import description: Ignore certain configuration during import
core: 8.x core: 8.x
package: Other package: Configuration
dependencies: dependencies:
- config - config
title: 'Config Ignore Settings'
route_name: 'config_ignore.settings'
description: 'List all settings to ignore'
parent: system.admin_structure
weight: 90
config_ignore.settings: config_ignore.settings:
route_name: 'config_ignore.settings' route_name: 'config_ignore.settings'
title: 'Config Ignore' title: 'Ignore'
base_route: config.sync base_route: config.sync
weight: 99 weight: 99
...@@ -2,6 +2,6 @@ config_ignore.settings: ...@@ -2,6 +2,6 @@ config_ignore.settings:
path: '/admin/config/development/configuration/ignore' path: '/admin/config/development/configuration/ignore'
defaults: defaults:
_form: '\Drupal\config_ignore\Form\Settings' _form: '\Drupal\config_ignore\Form\Settings'
_title: 'Config Ignore Settings' _title: 'Ignore'
requirements: requirements:
_permission: 'import configuration' _permission: 'import configuration'
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