Commit f9d347a0 authored by git's avatar git Committed by googletorp

Issue #2452859 by bgilhome, googletorp: commerceCheckShippingRecalculation...

Issue #2452859 by bgilhome, googletorp: commerceCheckShippingRecalculation compatibility with Chosen
parent 8236c924
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ $.fn.commerceCheckShippingRecalculation = function() {
// as we can expect the forms to change and we want to see what the backend
// think we should do.
if (!$('[id^="edit-customer-profile-"]').find('.ajax-progress').length) {
$('[id^="edit-customer-profile-shipping"] .form-item').children('.required').each(function() {
$('[id^="edit-customer-profile-shipping"] .form-item').children('.required').filter(':not(.chosen-container)').each(function() {
if (!$(this).val()) {
recalculate = false;
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