Commit f6473c09 authored by bojanz's avatar bojanz

Issue #2874157 part II: Register the event subscriber in a service provider,...

Issue #2874157 part II: Register the event subscriber in a service provider, to avoid a commerce_tax dependency (or a crash).
parent b91bb35a
......@@ -21,11 +21,6 @@ services:
- { name: commerce_order.order_processor, priority: 200 }
class: Drupal\commerce_shipping\EventSubscriber\CustomerProfileSubscriber
- { name: event_subscriber }
class: Drupal\commerce_shipping\EventSubscriber\ReferenceablePluginTypesSubscriber
namespace Drupal\commerce_shipping;
use Drupal\Core\DependencyInjection\ContainerBuilder;
use Drupal\Core\DependencyInjection\ServiceProviderBase;
* Registers event subscribers for non-required modules.
class CommerceShippingServiceProvider extends ServiceProviderBase {
* {@inheritdoc}
public function register(ContainerBuilder $container) {
// We cannot use the module handler as the container is not yet compiled.
// @see \Drupal\Core\DrupalKernel::compileContainer()
$modules = $container->getParameter('container.modules');
if (isset($modules['commerce_tax'])) {
$container->register('commerce_shipping.customer_profile_subscriber', 'Drupal\commerce_shipping\EventSubscriber\CustomerProfileSubscriber')
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