Commit 7e8be647 authored by GoZ's avatar GoZ Committed by googletorp

Issue #2344739 by GoZ, joelpittet, googletorp: Allow HTML on service name and rate in pane review

parent cd9e2837
......@@ -418,7 +418,7 @@ function commerce_shipping_pane_review($form, $form_state, $checkout_pane, $orde
// Return its label and formatted total price.
$total_price = $line_item_wrapper->commerce_total->value();
$rate = commerce_currency_format($total_price['amount'], $total_price['currency_code'], $line_item_wrapper->value());
return t('@service: @rate', array('@service' => $line_item_wrapper->line_item_label->value(), '@rate' => $rate));
return t('!service: !rate', array('!service' => $line_item_wrapper->line_item_label->value(), '!rate' => $rate));
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