Commit 1ea032ee authored by googletorp's avatar googletorp

Issue #2654786 by googletorp, mcdruid: Wildcard flushes to...

Issue #2654786 by googletorp, mcdruid: Wildcard flushes to cache_commerce_shipping_rates can cause db deadlocks
parent 0fe42f17
......@@ -1022,17 +1022,6 @@ function commerce_shipping_delete_shipping_line_items($order, $skip_save = FALSE
* Implements hook_commerce_order_update().
* When an order is updated, we have no way of knowing if new information on the
* order demands a recalculation of shipping rates. To be safe, we simply clear
* the cached rates for an order any time that order is updated.
function commerce_shipping_commerce_order_update($order) {
* Adds a shipping line item to an order.
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