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Commerce Atos payment method module.
Should work with the following banks :
- Crédit Agricole (e-transactions)
- Banque Populaire (CyberPlus)
- BNP Paribas (Mercanet)
- La Poste (Scellius)
- LCL (Sherlocks)
- HSBC (Elysnet)
- Société Générale (Sogenactif)
- Crédit du Nord (Webaffaires)
* Introduction
* Requirements
* Installation
* User permissions
Requirements :
The atos library, you can download it here :
In production mode, the certif file.
Configuration :
Current Maintainer:
* Julien Dubreuil (JulienD) -
Once installed, you must configure the path of the atos binaries in the payment
methods settings by going to (admin/commerce/config/payment-methods).
The commerce_atos modules integrates ATOS into the Drupal Commerce payment and
checkout systems. This module is an off-site payment solution and is builded
into two sub modules to allow to react on differents features.
Notes :
- The bin path must not exceed 77 characters.
- Direct payment, allow to capture the amount when the customer completes
the checkout process.
- Authorization only, allow transactions to be captured later. The capture
will be automated after several days (This period can be setted through
the admin).
- Instalment. This payment method allow the customer to pay in several times.
Having an ATOS account
1. Download and extract the module's tarball (*.tar.gz archive file) into
your Drupal site's contributed/custom modules directory:
2. Go to the site's module page:
Administration > Modules
3. Select the module you want to enable (either commerce_atos_instalment,
either commerce_atos_instalmentthe or both):
Administration > Modules
4. Configure the payment method on the payment methods lists:
Administration > Store settings > Advanced store settings > Payment methods
Click edit on the rules titled "ATOS SIPS ...".
Click on the edit button located in the "Action" area at the bottom of the
page to access to the payment configuration.
Fill out the form with your credentials under "Payment settings" and save
the form.
4. Enable the payment method by clicking the enable link on the payment method
Administration > Store settings > Advanced store settings > Payment methods
The module provides user/role permission which can be granted at:
Administration > People > Permissions
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