Commit d4404ec3 authored by greggles's avatar greggles

Issue #1172126 by greggles | Dave Reid: PHP notice when anonymous email address not required

parent 1364ed8a
......@@ -254,9 +254,9 @@ function comment_notify_comment_insert($comment) {
// For new comments, we first build up a string to be used as the identifier for the alert.
// This identifier is used to later unsubscribe the user or allow them to
// potentially edit their comment / preferences if they are anonymous.
// The string is built from their mail and comment identifier.
$mail = empty($comment->mail) ? $user->mail : $comment->mail;
$notify_hash = drupal_get_token($mail . $comment->cid);
// The string is built with token and their host and comment identifier.
// It is stored and referenced, we really just need something unique/unguessable.
$notify_hash = drupal_get_token($comment->hostname . $comment->cid);
if (!empty($comment->notify)) {
$notify = $comment->notify_type;
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