Commit 465a0e5b authored by greggles's avatar greggles

#317640 by greggles, aclight: Remove notify column from comments table

parent cbc44ee5
......@@ -92,4 +92,17 @@ function comment_notify_update_6001() {
db_query("UPDATE {permission} SET perm = '%s' WHERE pid = %d", $permissions, $row->pid);
return $ret;
* Drop the notify column from the {comments} table. This column will only exist
* if the 5.x-1.x version of comment_notify was installed at some point. Since
* the 5.x-2.x version of the module {comment_notify}.notify has been used instead.
function comment_notify_update_6002() {
$ret = array();
if (db_column_exists('comments', 'notify')) {
db_drop_field($ret, 'comments', 'notify');
return $ret;
\ No newline at end of file
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