Commit 72072547 authored by juampynr's avatar juampynr Committed by greggles

Issue #1201326 by juampy: Explain how to translate comment notify

parent 71fa5a50
......@@ -31,7 +31,24 @@ INSTALLATION
The module includes a feature to notify the node author of all comments on
their nodes. To enable this go to "My account" > Edit (e.g. user/1/edit)
and change the settings there, i.e., "Comment follow-up notification settings"
Notification templates are passed through t() before being added to the
email's body. Therefore, for you to translate them to other languates you
need to:
1. Enable the Locale module.
2. Choose a node in which you are not the auther and has comments and comment
on it. This will send an email to the author and other commenters.
3. Open the Translation Interface, located at
4. Search for the template strings and add the translations.
......@@ -41,7 +58,8 @@ One option is to use the Queue Mail module
Comment Notify is not built to work on sites where other notification related
modules are installed (modules like Actions, Notify, Subscriptions, and
Organic Groups are popular examples). If you install both Comment Notify and
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