Commit 71fa5a50 authored by poukram's avatar poukram Committed by greggles

Issue #1774894 by poukram: wrong variable name setting in...

Issue #1774894 by poukram: wrong variable name setting in comment_notify_get_user_node_notify_preference
parent ec1ff8f6
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ function comment_notify_get_user_comment_notify_preference($uid) {
function comment_notify_get_user_node_notify_preference($uid) {
$setting = comment_notify_get_user_notification_setting($uid);
if (!$setting) {
$settings = comment_notify_get_default_notification_setting();
$setting = comment_notify_get_default_notification_setting();
return $setting->node_notify;
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