Commit 33cd89f4 authored by greggles's avatar greggles

bug #309467 by Freso: improved string handling for watchdog message

parent ad12c2ca
......@@ -395,17 +395,24 @@ function _comment_notify_mailalert($comment) {
drupal_mail('comment_notify', 'comment_notify_mail', $mail, $language, $message);
$sent_to[] = $mail;
// Make the mail link to user's /edit, unless it's an anonymous user.
if ($alert->uid != 0) {
$watchdog_message = 'Notified: <a href="!url">@user_mail</a>';
$user_mail = l($mail, 'user/'. $alert->uid .'/edit');
else {
$watchdog_message = 'Notified @user_mail';
$user_mail = check_plain($mail);
watchdog('comment_notify', $watchdog_message, array('!url' => url('user/'. $alert->uid .'/edit'), '@user_mail' => $mail),
WATCHDOG_NOTICE, l(t('source comment'), 'node/'. $nid, array('fragment' => 'comment-'. $alert->cid)));
// Add an entry to the watchdog log.
'Notified: !user_mail',
array('!user_mail' => $user_mail),
l(t('source comment'), 'node/'. $nid, array(
'fragment' => 'comment-'. $alert->cid,
// revert to previous (site default) locale
$language = $initial_language;
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