Commit 1ac97476 authored by kevinquillen's avatar kevinquillen

Issue #2800233: Refactor to remove dependency on config object

parent 340e7d87
style: 'github'
apache: 'Apache'
bash: 'Bash'
coffeescript: 'CoffeeScript'
css: 'CSS'
dart: 'Dart'
dockerfile: 'Dockerfile'
dust: 'Dust'
gherkin: 'Gherkin'
go: 'Go'
haml: 'HAML'
handlebars: 'Handlebars'
ini: 'Ini'
java: 'Java'
javascript: 'JavaScript'
json: 'JSON'
less: 'Less'
makefile: 'Makefile'
markdown: 'Markdown'
nginx: 'Nginx'
php: 'PHP'
perl: 'Perl'
powershell: 'Powershell'
puppet: 'Puppet'
python: 'Python'
ruby: 'Ruby'
scss: 'SCSS'
sql: 'SQL'
twig: 'Twig'
typescript: 'TypeScript'
yaml: 'Yaml'
xml: 'XML'
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