Commit 5caef3a3 authored by TravisCarden's avatar TravisCarden

By TravisCarden: Fixed test exception in ChecklistapiUnitTestCase::testChecklistapiSortArray().

parent f019c028
......@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@ class ChecklistapiUnitTestCase extends DrupalUnitTestCase {
* Test checklistapi_sort_array().
public function testChecklistapiSortArray() {
$input = array_pop(checklistapi_test_checklistapi_checklist_info());
$checklistapi_test_definition = checklistapi_test_checklistapi_checklist_info();
$input = array_pop($checklistapi_test_definition);
$output = checklistapi_sort_array($input);
$this->assertEqual($output['group_two']['#weight'], 0, 'Supplied a default for omitted element weight.');
$this->assertEqual($output['group_three']['#weight'], 0, 'Supplied a default in place of invalid element weight.');
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