Commit 31baea60 authored by TravisCarden's avatar TravisCarden

Issue #2773975 by TravisCarden: Temporary workaround for error while...

Issue #2773975 by TravisCarden: Temporary workaround for error while installing Checklist API Example module.
parent 80c0f410
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ function checklistapiexample_checklistapi_checklist_info() {
$definitions = [];
$definitions['example_checklist'] = [
'#title' => t('Checklist API example'),
'#path' => 'admin/config/development/checklistapi-example',
'#path' => '/admin/config/development/checklistapi-example',
'#description' => t('An example implementation of the Checklist API.'),
'#help' => t('<p>This checklist based on <a href="">Dries Buytaert\'s Drupal learning curve</a> is an example implementation of the <a href="">Checklist API</a>.</p>'),
'i_suck' => [
# @todo This route is automatically declared by Checklist API and should not
# need to be manually declared, but a core bug currently necessitates it.
# See Remove once resolved.
path: '/admin/config/development/checklistapi-example'
_title: 'Checklist API example'
_form: '\Drupal\checklistapi\Form\ChecklistapiChecklistForm'
checklist_id: example_checklist
op: any
_checklistapi_access: 'TRUE'
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