Commit a392ef01 authored by David Lesieur's avatar David Lesieur

Updated for slight API change.

parent b3b99584
......@@ -129,9 +129,9 @@ class date_facet extends cck_facet {
function build_sort_query_count(&$query) {
$query->add_orderby('count', 'DESC');
$query->add_orderby($this->_field['field_name'] .'_year', 'ASC');
if ($query->get_field($this->_field['field_name'] .'_month')) {
if ($query->has_field($this->_field['field_name'] .'_month')) {
$query->add_orderby($this->_field['field_name'] .'_month', 'ASC');
if ($query->get_field($this->_field['field_name'] .'_day')) {
if ($query->has_field($this->_field['field_name'] .'_day')) {
$query->add_orderby($this->_field['field_name'] .'_day', 'ASC');
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