Commit 362c39bb authored by David Lesieur's avatar David Lesieur

#400810: Fixed empty result set when search key value is 0.

parent a78a4085
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ function number_facets_cck_facets_collect(&$facets, $field, $domain, $env, $arg
case 'text':
// Scan the given search text for a '{field_name}:{value}'
// token, and create facets from it.
if ($number = search_query_extract($arg, $field['field_name'])) {
if (!is_null($number = search_query_extract($arg, $field['field_name']))) {
if (is_numeric($number)) {
// Create an active facet with the value found in the search text.
$category = new cck_facet_category($field, $number);
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