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Initial version of CCK Facets.

README file for the CCK Facets Drupal module.
CCK Facets integrates with Faceted Search to allow users to navigate Content
Construction Kit (CCK) fields as facets.
- Drupal 5.x (
- Faceted Search (
- Content Construction Kit (CCK) (
1. Extract the cck_facets module directory into your Drupal modules directory.
2. Go to the Administer > Site building > Modules page and enable the CCK Facets
3. Go to the Administer > Site configuration > Faceted Search page, choose to
edit the faceted search environment that shall expose CCK-based facets. In
the environment editing form, check each facet you wish to expose.
CAUTION: CCK Facets hands you over the responsibility of deciding what field
is appropriate for use as a facet. Long text fields should never be used as
facets, since their values are too long to be usable in the Guided search,
and might exceed the maximum URL length in browsers or servers.
For support requests, bug reports, and feature requests, please use the
project's issue queue on
Please DO NOT send bug reports through e-mail or personal contact forms, use the
aforementioned issue queue instead.
You may also contact the author for paid customizations to this module
* Developed by David Lesieur (,
* Sponsored by Laboratoire NT2 (
; $Id$
name = CCK Facets
description = "Provides facets based on CCK fields."
dependencies = content faceted_search search
package = Faceted Search
// $Id$
* Implementation of hook_uninstall().
function cck_facets_uninstall() {
db_query("DELETE FROM {faceted_search_facets} WHERE facet_key = 'cck'");
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