Commit aa311f88 authored by KarenS's avatar KarenS

Update CHANGELOG.txt.

parent d6d5ec6b
......@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@ CCK 6.x-3.x
CCK 6.x-3.0-alpha3
- #1081072 Imagefield validation does not use error_element, needs a tweak so that the empty required field gets highlighted correctly.
- #1081072 Imagefield validation requires that we alter the field_info values or it will still require an image in an empty group.
- Fix miscellaneous undefined index errors.
- #1081072 Tweak fix for required fields inside non-required group so not all fields are highlighted.
- #1093928 Required option lists do not have an empty option available. Add one to avoid 'An illegal choice has been detected' errors for empty groups.
- #1081072 Fix Cannot use a scalar value as an array problem when using optionwidgets.
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