Commit 5aa70946 authored by KarenS's avatar KarenS

update CHANGELOG.txt

parent 33ebc7a5
......@@ -30,10 +30,13 @@ General
- 108094 (incomplete) fix for "text columns are not allowed defaults values with MySQL(5)" ?
- 108914 Fixed error when several fieldgroups have the same name
- Remove deprecated help text in fieldgroup.module
- 108226 make cck view field handler play nicely with Views Fusion module ('ungroup' handler)
- 114936 make sure default value form element is not required
Field / widget modules
- 107667 Added missing '#size' for mutliple select widgets (display issues with Opera)
- 108037 Optionwidgets : (update function) Added missing curly braces around table name
- 114346 fix error on empty noderef fields
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