Commit 33ebc7a5 authored by KarenS's avatar KarenS

#114936 make sure default value form element is not required

parent 8798d521
......@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ function content_admin_field_overview_form($type_name) {
$form['disabled']['#value'] = array();
// Iterate through the dummy form and add top-level fields and weights to a table.
// Construct the table values in an array '#table' that FAPI will ignore, keyed on the item's weight.
// Create separate form elements for each weight and group value and put a placeholder for each in #table.
......@@ -927,8 +927,11 @@ function _content_admin_field($type_name, $field_name) {
$function = $module .'_widget';
if (function_exists($function)) {
$node = array(); // TODO are there things we need to add in here ?
$function('prepare form values', $node, $field, $default_value);
$form_element = $function('form', $node, $field, $default_value);
// Make sure the default value is not a required field.
$widget_field = $field;
$widget_field['required'] = FALSE;
$function('prepare form values', $node, $widget_field, $default_value);
$form_element = $function('form', $node, $widget_field, $default_value);
else {
// TODO : generate a series of textfields ?
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