Commit 7c67ac9f authored by yched's avatar yched

#154827 - let modules know the 'dummy' node form built on the 'manage fields' tab

 is requested by CCK admin UI (problem with userreviewmodule) - patch by gerd riesselmann
parent 9b596aea
......@@ -244,6 +244,11 @@ function content_admin_field_overview_form($type_name) {
// to produce an array of fields and weights added to the node by all modules.
$dummy_node = new stdClass();
$dummy_node->type = $type['type_name'];
// Some modules (userreview...) "hide" their node forms, resulting in no field
// being listed. We set a special flag to inform them this form is special.
$dummy_node->cck_dummy_node_form = TRUE;
$dummy_form_id = $type['type_name'] .'_node_form';
$dummy_form = node_form_array($dummy_node);
foreach (module_implements('form_alter') as $module) {
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