Commit 44851e00 authored by 13rac1's avatar 13rac1 Committed by colan
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Issue #1463602 by eosrei: Check that the full display exists.

parent be105797
......@@ -227,8 +227,8 @@ function _content_migrate_get_instance_values($bundle = NULL, $field_name = NULL
$new_displays[$new_context] = $settings;
// Additionally, set 'default' view mode to the settings used by
// 'full'.
$new_displays['default'] = $new_displays['full'];
// 'full'. Set to array() if 'full' doesn't exist.
$new_displays['default'] = isset($new_displays['full']) ? $new_displays['full'] : array();
$instance_value['display'] = $new_displays;
// Warn about missing or invalid widgets.
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