Commit 1de9756f authored by jenlampton's avatar jenlampton Committed by colan
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Issue #1031734 by jenlampton, loganfsmyth: Check for array key before setting image.

parent 9276cd74
......@@ -22,7 +22,9 @@ function content_migrate_filefield_field_alter(&$field_value, $instance_value) {
$field_value['module'] = 'image';
$field_value['type'] = 'image';
// default_image is now a field setting.
$field_value['settings']['default_image'] = $instance_value['widget']['settings']['default_image'];
if (array_key_exists('default_image', $instance_value['widget']['settings'])) {
$field_value['settings']['default_image'] = $instance_value['widget']['settings']['default_image'];
// There are a bunch of custom filefield widgets. If they at least start the widget name with 'filefield' this will work.
if (substr($instance_value['widget']['type'], 0, 9) == 'filefield') {
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