Commit abb20fb7 authored by soxofaan's avatar soxofaan

#282249 by eMPee584: fix for undefined index

parent d9365af2
......@@ -15,12 +15,11 @@ function image_captcha_image($seed=NULL) {
if (!$seed) {
// get the code to draw from $_SESSION
$code = $_SESSION['image_captcha'][$seed];
// unset the code from $_SESSION to prevent rerendering the CAPTCHA
// only generate an image if there is an code
if ($code) {
// Only generate captcha if code exists in the session.
if (isset($_SESSION['image_captcha'][$seed])) {
$code = $_SESSION['image_captcha'][$seed];
// Unset the code from $_SESSION to prevent rerendering the CAPTCHA.
// generate the image
$image = @_image_captcha_generate_image($code);
// check of generation was successful
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