Commit 5662dae7 authored by soxofaan's avatar soxofaan

refactored CAPTCHA point administration (changing challenge type, disabling, deleting):

* added confirmation dialog for deleting/disabling a CAPTCHA point (previously just a GET request was needed for disabling a CAPTCHA, which is not so secure)
* #214557: added form for adding a CAPTCHA point by hand
parent d90dd51f
......@@ -108,6 +108,17 @@ function captcha_update_2() {
return $items;
* Implementation of hook_update_N()
function captcha_update_3() {
// Clearing of the menu cache is needed because the internal menu structure
// of the CAPTCHA module changed a bit.
// Because update.php does menu cache clearing automatically,
// we just do nothing here except returning an empty array.
return array();
* Remove tables on uninstall.
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