Commit e8ea6872 authored by elachlan's avatar elachlan

#2474959, #2992697 Fix for failing test

parent eec2e2d2
......@@ -421,13 +421,15 @@ function _captcha_get_posted_captcha_info(array $element, FormStateInterface $fo
$posted_captcha_sid = NULL;
// Invalidate CAPTCHA token to avoid reuse.
// Invalidate CAPTCHA token to avoid reuse when the form is submitted.
if (!empty($form_state['submitted']) && !empty($posted_captcha_sid)) {
->fields(['token' => NULL])
->condition('csid', $posted_captcha_sid)
else {
// The CAPTCHA session ID is specific to the posted form.
// Return NULL, so a new session will be generated for this other form.
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