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Please checkout the branch according to the version of Drupal you're running...
Readme file for the CAPTCHA module for Drupal
Drupal 4:
captcha.module is the basic CAPTCHA module, offering general CAPTCHA
administration and a simple math challenge.
Drupal 5:
Submodule image_captcha.module offers an image based challenge.
Drupal 6:
Installation is like with all normal drupal modules:
extract the files from the tar ball to a directory like sites/all/modules.
The basic CAPTCHA module has no dependencies, so nothing special is required.
HEAD contains an experimental branch for Drupal 6
The configuration page is at admin/user/captcha, here you can configure
the CAPTCHA module and enable challenges for the desired forms.
You can also tweak the image CAPTCHA to your liking.
......@@ -401,7 +401,6 @@ function captcha_validate_case_insensitive_equality($solution, $response) {
* captcha_form_alter(), and subsequently don't include additional include
* files).
function captcha_validate($element, &$form_state) {
$captcha_info = $element['#captcha_info'];
$form_id = $captcha_info['form_id'];
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