Commit a766c24e authored by Arnab Nandi's avatar Arnab Nandi

Fixed i18n problems, issue #17098

parent 1ee4ba08
......@@ -82,16 +82,16 @@ function captcha_user($type, &$edit, &$newuser, $category = NULL) {
// make sure this is a registration, and captcha is enabled for registration
if (_captcha_istrue("captcha_user_register") && !$newuser->uid && !$user->uid)
switch ($type) {
case t("register"):
case 'register':
// Add two items to the resigtration form.
$output .= form_item("", '<img src="'.url('captcha/image/'.time()).'" alt="Captcha Image: you will need to recognize the text in it."/>');
$output .= form_textfield(t('Word'), 'captchaword', NULL, 15, 15, 'Please type in the letters/numbers that are shown in the image above.', NULL, TRUE);
$output .= form_textfield(t('Word'), 'captchaword', NULL, 15, 15, t('Please type in the letters/numbers that are shown in the image above.'), NULL, TRUE);
return array(array('title' => t('Verify Registration'), 'data'=>$output));
case t("validate"):
case 'validate':
// The user has filled out the form and checked the "accept" box.
if (strtolower($edit['captchaword']) == strtolower($_SESSION['captcha'])) {
// on success return the values you want to store
......@@ -302,4 +302,4 @@ function _captcha_image() {
\ No newline at end of file
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