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CAPTCHA module for Drupal
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captcha.module is the basic CAPTCHA module, offering general CAPTCHA
administration and a simple math challenge.
administration and a simple maths challenge.
Submodule image_captcha.module offers an image based challenge.
Sub module
image_captcha.module offers an image based challenge.
Installation is like with all normal drupal modules:
extract the 'captcha' folder from the tar ball to the
modules directory from your website (typically sites/all/modules).
1. Extract the tar.gz into your 'modules' or directory and copy to modules folder.
2. Go to "Extend" after successfully login into admin.
3. Enable the module at 'administer >> modules'.
The basic CAPTCHA module has no dependencies, nothing special is required.
Conflicts/known issues:
Conflicts/known issues
CAPTCHA and page caching do not work together currently.
However, the CAPTCHA module does support the Drupal core page
caching mechanism: it just disables the caching of the pages
......@@ -26,8 +32,14 @@ Conflicts/known issues:
won't work, and you get error messages like 'CAPTCHA validation
error: unknown CAPTCHA session ID'.
The configuration page is at admin/config/people/captcha,
where you can configure the CAPTCHA module
and enable challenges for the desired forms.
You can also tweak the image CAPTCHA to your liking.
1. Disable the module from 'administer >> modules'.
2. Uninstall the module
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