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......@@ -10,10 +10,20 @@ Submodule image_captcha.module offers an image based challenge.
Installation is like with all normal drupal modules:
extract the files from the tar ball to a directory like sites/all/modules.
extract the 'captcha' folder from the tar ball to the
modules directory from your website (typically sites/all/modules).
The basic CAPTCHA module has no dependencies, so nothing special is required.
The basic CAPTCHA module has no dependencies, nothing special is required.
Conflicts/known issues:
CAPTCHA and page caching do not work together currently.
However, the CAPTCHA module does support the Drupal core page
caching mechanism: it just disables the caching of the pages
where it has to put its challenges.
If you use other caching mechanisms, it is possible that CAPTCHA's
won't work, and you get error messages like 'CAPTCHA validation
error: unknown CAPTCHA session ID'.
The configuration page is at admin/user/captcha, here you can configure
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