Commit b27eb496 authored by bgm's avatar bgm

issue #1430942: hook_cron: code comment

parent e6f7c8f1
......@@ -278,6 +278,8 @@ function boost_flush_caches() {
// check to avoid caching requests from the CLI
$_boost = boost_transform_url();
// The lock_may_be_available() checks to see if the flush was requested by
// the core cron, since we may want to ignore it (boost_ignore_flush)
if (isset($_boost['base_dir']) && (lock_may_be_available('cron') || variable_get('boost_ignore_flush', BOOST_IGNORE_FLUSH) == FALSE)) {
$count = _boost_rmdir($_boost['base_dir'], TRUE);
watchdog('boost', 'Flushed all files (%count) from static page cache.', array('%count' => $count), WATCHDOG_NOTICE);
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