Commit 55fdc072 authored by Arto's avatar Arto

Only update cached copy if the request's query string is empty (fixes #101530).

parent 7fb73505
......@@ -92,9 +92,12 @@ function boost_init() {
// TODO: check interaction with other modules that use ob_start(); this
// may have to be moved to an earlier stage of the page request.
if (!variable_get('cache', CACHE_DISABLED) && BOOST_ENABLED) {
// We only support GET requests by anonymous visitors:
global $user;
if (empty($user->uid) && $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'GET') {
if (boost_is_cacheable($_GET['q']))
// Make sure no query string (in addition to ?q=) was set, and that
// the page is cacheable according to our current configuration:
if (count($_GET) == 1 && boost_is_cacheable($_GET['q']))
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