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This is a listing of known bugs, features that mostly work but are still
somewhat in progress, features that are being considered or planned for
implementation, and just miscellaneous far-out ideas that could, in
principle, be implemented if one had the time and inclination to do so.

(NOTE: there is no guarantee any of these items will, in fact, be
implemented, nor should any possible scheduling indications be construed as
promises under any circumstances. TANSTAAFL. If you absolutely need
something implemented right now, please contact the developers to see if
they're available for contract work, or if perhaps a modest donation could
speed things along.)

* Finish up administration interface for pre-generating static files for all
  pages on the Drupal site in one go.
* Test interaction with other modules that also make use of ob_start().

* Add a node-specific cache lifetime setting.
* Add admin-visible block for updating the cached copy of the current page.
* Other web servers than Apache are not supported at the moment. This is due
  to the way the cache dispatch is implemented using Apache mod_rewrite
  directives in the .htaccess file. Lighttpd support would be desirable but
  is not a high priority for the developer at present.
* User-specific static page cache. Could conceivably be implemented based
  on the existing user-cookie mechanism, though security would be a concern.
* Don't delete the entire file system cache when Boost is disabled; just
  rename the site's cache directory with the suffix `.disabled', speeding up
  cache regeneration once the module is re-enabled?