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This lists some of the users of Boost, describing the setup of the website
in question as well as providing rationale on how Boost benefits the site.
It is hoped that the cases described here may serve as useful guides for new
Boost users evaluating how to best implement static caching on their site.

If you would like to add your website to this list, please contact the
author at, describing your site and
setup. Try to keep the description to a paragraph or two, and don't forget
to include your name and the URL to your website. Note that additions to
this list are posted at the author's sole discretion, and submissions may be
abridged or edited for grammar.

  Arto Bendiken <>
    Personal website of the author. Boost is used to cache virtually every
    page on the site, quite significantly improving response times despite
    the sometimes sluggish shared hosting the site runs on. An additional
    benefit provided by Boost is that when the backend MySQL database server
    goes down, as happens now and then, the site still keeps on trucking
    instead of just showing the Drupal database error page (dynamic features
    such as posting comments obviously don't work until MySQL access is
    restored, however).