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This is a listing of known bugs, features that mostly work but are still
somewhat in progress, features that are being considered or planned for
implementation, and just miscellaneous far-out ideas that could, in
principle, be implemented if one had the time and inclination to do so.
(NOTE: there is no guarantee any of these items will, in fact, be
implemented, nor should any possible scheduling indications be construed as
promises under any circumstances. TANSTAAFL. If you absolutely need
something implemented right now, please contact the developers to see if
they're available for contract work, or if perhaps a modest donation could
speed things along.)
* An administrative interface for pre-generating static files for all pages
on the Drupal site in one go using the Batch API.
* Add a cache current page button to block.
* Other web servers than Apache are not supported at the moment. This is due
to the way the cache dispatch is implemented using Apache mod_rewrite
directives in the .htaccess file. Lighttpd support would be desirable but
is not a high priority for the developer at present.
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This lists some of the users of Boost, describing the setup of the website
in question as well as providing rationale on how Boost benefits the site.
It is hoped that the cases described here may serve as useful guides for new
Boost users evaluating how to best implement static caching on their site.
Stand Against Poverty <>
United Nations campaign website used to organize events and report event
attendance for events at which nearly 117 million people worldwide
participated. The events seek to raise awareness about poverty and
highlight effort around the United Nations Millennium Development Goals
that seek toward reducing global poverty. The website runs on a cluster
of 4 load-balanced Apache web servers and a single database server.
Boost is used to reduce the overall resource usage consumed by anonymous
visitors on the site in order to devote more infrastructure resources
toward event organizers who sign in as authenticated users to create
events and report event attendance tallies. The Stand Against Poverty
site is is 4 languages, and uses the i18n module. Boost was used with
this patch to allow for the
use of Boost on i18n sites. While there is still a substantial amount of
traffic on the website during the 3 day campaign, the impact of
anonymous traffic (which includes all traffic, until users sign in) is
greatly reduced.
Hosting infrastructure for provided by the good
folks at
Development Seed writes more about the campaign on their blog at:
Environmental Working Group <>
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) uses the power of public
information to protect public health and the environment. Boost is used
to cache all public-facing pages on the site (13,000+ and counting) and
has been critical in sustaining EWG's large amounts of traffic since the
site relaunched using Drupal in early 2007. EWG frequently receives
traffic from multiple press outlets on a given day and Boost allows EWG
to manage its infrastructure in-house and at a fraction of the price
that would otherwise be required.
Arto Bendiken <>
Personal website of the author. Boost is used to cache virtually every
page on the site, quite significantly improving response times despite
the sometimes sluggish shared hosting the site runs on. An additional
benefit provided by Boost is that when the backend MySQL database server
goes down, as happens now and then, the site still keeps on trucking
instead of just showing the Drupal database error page (dynamic features
such as posting comments obviously don't work until MySQL access is
restored, however).
If you would like to add your website to this list, please contact the
author at, describing your site and
setup. Try to keep the description to a paragraph or two, and don't forget
to include your name and the URL to your website. Note that additions to
this list are posted at the author's sole discretion, and submissions may be
abridged or edited for grammar.
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