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Collect event id information to create events

In order for a user to be able to interact with events on the calendar we need event ids - the most reliable way to do this is to construct calendar data using the event_ids table and then retrieve the actual value.
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......@@ -558,9 +558,10 @@ function bat_api_services_events_index_calendar($unit_ids, $unit_types, $start_d
$events_json = array();
foreach ($types as $type) {
// For each type of event create a state store and an event store
$state_store = new DrupalDBStore($type, DrupalDBStore::BAT_STATE);
// Get the event type definition from Drupal
$bat_event_type = bat_event_type_load($type);
// For each type of event create a state store and an event store
$event_store = new DrupalDBStore($type, DrupalDBStore::BAT_EVENT);
$start_date_object = new DateTime($start_date);
......@@ -572,46 +573,46 @@ function bat_api_services_events_index_calendar($unit_ids, $unit_types, $start_d
$return->events = array();
return $return;
$start_date_object = $today;
$ids = array_filter(explode(',', $unit_ids));
// Get all units for a given type
$query = db_select('bat_units', 'n')
->fields('n', array('unit_id', 'type', 'name'));
// and optionally limit to specific ids if defined in API call
if (!empty($ids)) {
$query->condition('unit_id', $ids, 'IN');
// and types
if (!empty($unit_types)) {
$query->condition('type_id', $unit_types, 'IN');
$bat_units = $query->execute()->fetchAll();
// Create an array of unit objects - the default value is set to 0 since we want
// to know if the value in the database is actually 0. This will allow us to identify
// which events are represented by events in the database (i.e. have a value different to 0)
$units = array();
foreach ($bat_units as $unit) {
if ($bat_unit = bat_unit_load($unit->unit_id)) {
$units[] = new Unit($unit->unit_id, $bat_unit->getEventDefaultValue($type));
$units[] = new Unit($unit->unit_id, 0);
$index = 1;
if (!empty($units)) {
$state_calendar = new Calendar($units, $state_store);
$event_calendar = new Calendar($units, $event_store);
$events = $state_calendar->getEvents($start_date_object, $end_date_object);
$event_ids = $event_calendar->getEvents($start_date_object, $end_date_object);
$event_formatter = new FullCalendarEventFormatter($type);
//@TODO - this is an undeclared dependency of bat_event_ui
$event_formatter = new FullCalendarEventFormatter($bat_event_type);
foreach ($events as $unit_id => $unit_events) {
foreach ($unit_events as $key=>$event) {
foreach ($event_ids as $unit_id => $unit_events) {
foreach ($unit_events as $key => $event) {
$events_json[] = array(
'id' => (string)$event_ids[$unit_id][$key]->getValue(),
'id' => (string)$key . $unit_id,
'bat_id' => $event->getValue(),
'resourceId' => 'S' . $unit_id,
) + $event->toJson($event_formatter);
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