Commit beac6f58 authored by Alex Andrascu's avatar Alex Andrascu Committed by Alex Andrascu

- Issue #2912153 by Alex Andrascu: Roadmap

Remove Upload and Debug destination until we figure out what they were used for.
parent ac588898
......@@ -130,12 +130,6 @@ function backup_migrate_backup_migrate_service_object_alter(BackupMigrateInterfa
$user = \Drupal::currentUser();
if ($user->hasPermission('Access backup files'))
$destinations->add('download', new \BackupMigrate\Drupal\Destination\DrupalBrowserDownloadDestination(new Config(['name' => t('Download')])));
// Add an upload destination
$destinations->add('upload', new \BackupMigrate\Drupal\Destination\DrupalBrowserUploadDestination(new Config(['name' => t('Upload')])));
// Add a debug destination.
$destinations->add('debug', new \BackupMigrate\Core\Destination\DebugDestination(new Config(['name' => t('Debug'), 'format' => 'html'])));
// Add a file naming filter.
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