The advanced help system is a pluggable system to provide advanced help facilities for Drupal and modules. Currently it does not provide much in the way of help by itself, but instead it provides a facility to make it easier and more powerful to for modules to provide help.

Modules utilizing this help system should create a 'help' directory in their module. Inside that directory place which will be formatted like this:

title = "How buses are tied into the system"
file = buses

title = "Title of topic"
file = filename of topic, without the .html extension
weight = How important the topic is on the index page
parent = the optional topic parent to use in the breadcrumb. 
         Can be either topic or module%topic

All topics are addressed by the module that provides the topic, and the topic id. Modules can embed links anywhere they want with this:

$output .= theme('advanced_help_topic', $module, $topic);

When writing help files, you can link to other topics using <a href="topic:module/topic">. Using this format will ensure that the popup/not-popup stays consistent from link to link.

You can also use <a href="path:example.jpg"> to reference items within the help directory, such as images to embed within the help.

If the search module is enabled, this help system will be indexed on cron. If you enable new modules and immediately want to search its help, visit run cron to facilitate this.

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