Commit 9451186f authored by gisle's avatar gisle
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Changed ASSETS.yml to hide attribution for screendumps

parent 6be96f50
...@@ -18,12 +18,15 @@ help.png: ...@@ -18,12 +18,15 @@ help.png:
license: CC0 license: CC0
rights: rights:
source: unknown origin source: unknown origin
hide: TRUE
help/ahelp_tab.png: help/ahelp_tab.png:
title: ahelp_tab.png title: ahelp_tab.png
hide: TRUE
a: *screendumps a: *screendumps
help/click_icon.png: help/click_icon.png:
title: click_icon.png title: click_icon.png
hide: TRUE
a: *screendumps a: *screendumps
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