Commit 0d9171ca authored by adriancid's avatar adriancid

Issue #3031107 by adriancid: Update the CHANGELOG.txt

parent e839db10
Admin Toolbar 8.x-1.27, 2019-XX-XX
Changes since 8.x-1.26:
- #3031107 by adriancid: Update the CHANGELOG.txt.
Admin Toolbar 8.x-1.26, 2019-02-03
Changes since 8.x-1.25:
- #3009193 by oknate, jonnyeom, DYdave, DuneBL, romainj, Pasqualle, thejacer87,
DuaelFr, thalles, cobenash, webdrips, acrosman, kumkum29, PCate, Grimreaper,
azovsky, arturopanetta, s-jack, tirler, CProfessionals, jjmackow, littlecrab,
jl_cs, superlolo95, geraldito, Kaelfaz, andrey_semenoff, Renrhaf, lyalyuk,
abramm, xlith, adriancid: Error because devel module has removed the execute
php feature.
- #3019298 by hayashi, romainj: Menu items for content entity show in wrong
Admin Toolbar 8.x-1.25, 2018-11-22
Changes since 8.x-1.24:
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