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# Address
Provides functionality for storing, validating and displaying international postal addresses.
The Drupal 8 heir to the addressfield module, powered by the [commerceguys/addressing]( library.
This module needs to be installed via Composer, which will download the required libraries.
1. Add the Drupal Packagist repository
## Installation
Since the module requires external libraries, Composer or Ludwig must be used.
### Composer
If your site is [managed via Composer](, use Composer to
download the module, which will also download the required libraries:
composer config repositories.drupal composer
composer require "drupal/address ~1.0"
This allows Composer to find Address and the other Drupal modules.
~1.0 downloads the latest release, use 1.x-dev to get the -dev release instead.
Use ```composer update drupal/address --with-dependencies``` to update to a new release.
2. Download Address
### Ludwig
Otherwise, download and install [Ludwig]( which will allow you
to download the libraries separately:
1) Download Address into your modules folder.
2) Use one of Ludwig's methods to download libraries:
composer require "drupal/address ~1.0"
This will download the latest release of Address.
Use 1.x-dev instead of ~1.0 to get the -dev release instead.
a) Run the ```ludwig:download``` Drupal Console command or the ```ludwig-download``` Drush command.
b) Go to ```/admin/reports/packages``` and download each library manually, then place them under address/lib as specified.
3) Enable Address.
See for more information.
Note that when using Ludwig, updating the module will require re-downloading the libraries.
Composer is recommended whenever possible.
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