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* Introduction
* Requirements
* Installation
* Configuration
* Maintainers
The Add another module allows is designed to save time during repetitive content creation. It allows the content creator to add another node of the same type much faster.
* For a full description of the module visit
* To submit bug reports and feature suggestions, or to track changes visit
This module requires no modules outside of Drupal core.
* Install the Add another as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. Visit for further information.
1. Navigate to Administration > Structure > Content types and choose "Add another settings" in the vertical tabs to configure settings.
2. The setting "Display Add another button on node add form" provides a "Save and add another" button on the node form for editors.
3. The setting "Display the Add another message after node creation" displays "Add another ..." message after creating a new node.
4. The setting "Display the Add another tab" shows a "Add another" tab on nodes of this type.
5. The setting "Also Display another tab on edit page" shows a "Add another" tab on node edit pages of the content type. This option does nothing if Add Another tab is disabled.
6. Save and continue.
* Robin Monks -
* Darrell Duane (DarrellDuane) -
* gaurav_varshney -
* mkdok -
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