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# ActivityPub for Drupal
Implements the ActivityPub protocol for your site. Readers will be able to
follow content on Mastodon and other federated platforms that support
ActivityPub. Responses are possible too (Like, Announce, Reply) with more to
The module works with the following federated platforms:
- Mastodon
## Features
- Enable ActivityPub per user
- Block remote domains from posting
- Map Activity types to content types
- discovery via Webfinger module
- outbox and followers endpoints
- HttpSignature for authorization
- Accept follow requests, Undo (follow) as well
- Configure Activity types and properties
- Send posts via drush or cron
## Public and Private keys
Public and private keys are saved in private://activitypub/keys.
......@@ -9,21 +30,33 @@ The default path can be overridden in settings.php via settings:
$settings['activitypub_keys_path'] = '/your/path/';
## Inbox
## Default avatar
Every user has an inbox which currently only accepts a few activities:
The default avatar path can be overridden in settings.php via settings:
'Accept', 'Delete', 'Undo'. All other activity types are ignored.
$settings['activitypub_default_avatar_path'] = '/default/image.png';
## Inbox and outbox
Every user has an inbox and outbox where activities from remote users are stored.
'Accept', 'Undo' and handled by the 'Static types' plugin. All other activity
types will be stored, but do not have any impact.
An overview can be found at user/x/activitypub.
## Sending posts to followers
Activities in the outbox are stored in a queue and send either by
cron or drush.
cron or drush. Configure this at /admin/config/services/activitypub
## Default avatar
The drush command is activitypub:send-activities
The default avatar path can be overridden in settings.php via settings:
## Drush commands
$settings['activitypub_default_avatar_path'] = '/default/image.png';
- activitypub:send-activities: send activities ready to be processed
- activitypub:add-to-queue: adds an outbox activity to the queue
- activitypub:delete-activity: send a delete request
- activitypub:webfinger-info: test command to get info about a remote user
......@@ -127,22 +127,12 @@ class ActivityPubCommands extends DrushCommands {
* @param $field
* @param $entity_type_id
public function deleteField($field, $entity_type_id) {
$definition_manager = \Drupal::entityDefinitionUpdateManager();
$field_storage_definition = $definition_manager->getFieldStorageDefinition($field, $entity_type_id);
public function deleteField($field, $entity_type_id) {}
* Adds a field. This is a command used during development.
* @command activitypub:add-field
public function addField() {
$created_field = BaseFieldDefinition::create('created')
->setDescription(t('The time that the activity was created.'));
$definition_manager = \Drupal::entityDefinitionUpdateManager();
$definition_manager->installFieldStorageDefinition('created', 'activitypub_activity', 'activitypub', $created_field);
public function addField() {}
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