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Commerce Popular Products
Commerce Popular Projects looks through your Drupal Commerce orders and figures
out the most popular products for a given timeframe. You can include/exclude
product node types, set the timeframe for your popularity ranking and calls a
View to display your Commerce products.
The settings screen is found in the main Commerce store settings.
Popular products are displayed using a View which pulls in title only by
default. The View can be overridden through the Views UI. The View is displayed
in a block.
On install the module attempts to place the block in the main content area, but
if it cannot, you must set the block location manually. Obviously, because it
is a block, you can use Context to control positioning.
All the settings are stored in the Variable table and are prepended by the
module name.
Install Views
Install Commerce
Install Commerce Popular Products
Place the block wherever you want it
Set up your products & product displays.
Customize the view as you see fit.
The default settings are sensible, but if you want them they live at
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