Commit 72c58fc5 authored by Steven Jones's avatar Steven Jones Committed by Steven Jones
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Issue #2759277 by Steven Jones: Images won't be optimized when used with s3fs

parent 2d657897
......@@ -209,8 +209,8 @@ function image_imageapi_optimize_save($image, $dst) {
$success = _imageapi_optimize_optimize($image, $dst);
// Move temporary local file to remote destination.
if (isset($permanent_destination) && $success) {
return (bool) file_unmanaged_move($dst, $permanent_destination, FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE);
if (isset($permanent_destination)) {
$success = ((bool) file_unmanaged_move($dst, $permanent_destination, FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE)) && $success;
return $success;
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