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Foramtting the Readme file

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......@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@ API:
* View preprocess service (Drupal\fullcalendar_view\FullcalendarViewPreprocess)
This service implements the business logic of the calendar. Other module can decorate or override this service to define their own business logic.
......@@ -94,6 +95,7 @@ API:
* View processor plugin (FullcalendarViewProcessor)
This plugin type provides the capability to alter the view preprocess working with other modules.
......@@ -102,43 +104,55 @@ API:
* languageSelector
Allow client to select language, if it is 1.
* updateConfirm
Event update confirmation pop-up dialog. If it is 1, a confirmation dialog will pop-up after dragging and dropping an event.
* dialogWindow
Open event links in dialog window. If it is 1, event links in the calendar will open in a dialog window.
* eventBundleType
The bundle (content) type of a new event.
* startField
The machine name of start date field.
* endField
The machine name of end date field.
* dblClickToCreate
Allow to create a new event by double clicking.
Allow to create a new event by double clicking, if it is 1.
* entityType
Entity type.
* addForm
URL of the new event form.
* token
CSRF token.
* openEntityInNewTab
Show an event details in a new window (tab).
* calendar_options
The options of the Fullcalendar object.
* dialog_options
The options of the pop-up dialog object.
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